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EQ List
Marble Surface

 EQ List 

Red V-Raptor VV
  • 3x 2 TB CFexpress Cards
  • USB-C CFexpress Reader
  • ​4x Idx lMicro-150 Batteries
  • Bright Tangerine Cage
  • Mutiny Nano Breakout Box
  • 7" DSMC3 Touch LCD
  • Simultaneous Dual V Mount Charger
  • Bridgeplate & Dovetail
  • 15mm Baseplate
  • AC Power
  • RF-PL & RF-EF Adapters
  • Rosette Side Handle
Leica R
Simmod Set
Leica R Simmond Cinemod 8 Lens Set
  • 19mm f/2.8
  • 24mm f/2.0
  • 35mm f/2.0
  • 50mm f/2.8
  • 60mm f/2.8 Macro
  • 90mm f/2.0
  • 100mm f/4 Macro
  • 135mm f/2.8
  • De-Clicked
  • EF Mount
  • 77mm Threaded Fronts
  • 80mm Clip On Front
  • 2x RS3 Pro Battery
  • Tilta Advanced Cage
  • Tilta Underslung Battery Mount
  • Tenba Gimbal Backpack
EVO 42
  • Mast Riser System
  • Camera Mount System
  • 100mm Ball Mount
  • Mitchell Plate
  • Vest Rod For Readyrig
  • Rolling Spreaders
  • Hard Travel Case
  • Mid Level Spreaders
Video 18
Tilta Clip On
Matte Box
  • 15mm Rod Clamp
  • Clip On Back Kit
  • 3 Filter Stages
Red Komodo 6K Cinema Camera
  • 3x 512 GB AngelBird CFast Cards
  • USB-C Red CFast Reader
  • 2x IDX lmicro-150 145 Wh V Mounts
  • 1x IDX Sequential Dual Charger
  • 2x Canon BP-955 Batteries
  • 2x Canon BP-975 Batteries
  • Dolgin TC200 Simultaneous BP Charger
  • Wooden Camera B Box
  • Wooden Camera Battery Slide (Vmount)
  • Tilta Cage For Komodo W. Side Handle
  • SmallRig Nato Top Handle
  • Red Link Adapter
  • Canon Drop-In Filter EF-RF Adapter
  • Variable ND, Clear Filter
  • P Tap Cable
  • AC Power
Flanders Scientific DM240 24" Field Monitor
  • V Mount Plate
  • Sun Hood
  • Baby Pin Mount
  • Table Stand
  • Sun Hood
Teradek Bolt 1000
Bolt 1000
  • 1x 1000 TX
  • 1x 1000 RX
  • 1x Sidekick Gen2
  • Mk 3.1/Z Hand Unit
  • Mk 3.1 Motor
  • Mk 3.1 Smart Knob
  • Latitude MDR
  • 2x Canon LPE6 Batteries
  • Canon Battery Charger
RT Motion Remote Follow Focus
RT Motion
Mk 3.1
703 Brite
  • Wooden Camera Director's Cage
  • 4x IDX C95
  • IDX Dual Simultaneous Charger
  • Sun Hood
  • P Tap Cable
  • Sun Hood
702 Brite
  • Schneider ND .3-1.2
  • Black Pro Mist 1/8

Andi Obarski

I'm a bi-coastal cinematographer who is from all over the East Coast. I attended Ithaca College and recently completed my MFA in Cinematography from the American Film Institute in Los Angeles, CA. I am a member of ICFC, CXX, IATSE Local 600 and was selected as a mentee for the 2020 ASC Mentorship program.

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Kodak BTS 1.jpg

Zach Rockenstyre

I grew up in Upstate NY, graduated from NYU/Tisch Film in 2011, met Andi working at Hello World Communications in 2012 and organically began my on set career. I was birthed into freelance with the MōVi in my hands and have always been drawn to the relationship between art & tech.

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