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Zach Rockenstyre
Zach's 2020 Reel
Michael Kors - Cabo
Reebok x Gigi Hadid
EQX+ - Solidcore Promo
Lafayette 148
Next - Imaan Hammam
Two Feet - Go F*ck Yourself
Zachs Portfolio


I was born In Schenectady, New York and first fell in love with cameras in my film & tv course in high school. After attending a few years at SUNY Brockport dabbling in various fields, I realized nothing was as fun or challenging as filmmaking. I transferred to the NYU/Tisch Film program & graduated in 2011.


I spent a few years in the offices of Salaam Remi's production company, Re-Mi-Fa, as a production coordinator and after filling in for a sick DP on a documentary project, started falling in love with cinematography. Afterwards, I went to work at Hello World Communications to hone the technical side of my knowledge as digital cinematography was really reaching the masses.


With the advent of Freefly Systems' movi pro, I became the in house "movi guy" and quickly people wanted to bring me on set. Next thing you know, I had a reputation as a movi operator in the city and my freelance career was underway.


In 2014, I formed Artek Pictures, an EQ rental partnership with Andi Obarski. In 2022, I'm now looking to establish a studio space in the NY metro area.


My work has come full circle as I've bridged from movi technician, to movi operator, to camera assistant, to cinematographer. Every job seems to be full of unique new stories and crazy adventures along the way.

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